AY2009 Counter-movements to Globalization

Past Symposia>AY2009

Counter-movements to Globalization
and the Possibility of an Alternative World

10:00 – 17:45, Sunday, 29 November, 2009
Room L-911, Sophia University Library
Institute for the Study of Social Justice, Sophia University
Social Science Research Institute (SSRI – ICU)

Opening Remarks

Prof. Koichi Nakano(IGC Director)
Prof. Yoshiaki Ishizawa(President, Sophia University)


Prof. Koichi Nakano(IGC Director)

Counter-Movements to Globalization and the Possibility of an Alternative World

Globalization and Social movement

– Prof. Christophe Aguiton(ATTAC France, Post and Telecommunication Worker’s Union-SUD etc.)

Les Forums Sociaux Mondiaux :
un processus pour construire l’union de ceux qui luttent contre le neoliberalisme, vers ≪ un autre monde possible ≫

– Prof. Chico Whitaker (Brazilian Justice and Peace Communication, World Social Forum International Council)
Discussant: Prof. Noriko Hataya (Sophia University)
Chair: Prof. Yoshikazu Hongo (ICU)

Counter-Movements to Globalziation

The Challenges of the World Social Forum and ATTAC Japan
– Yoko Akimoto (ATTAC Japan)
The Future Prospects of ‘Anti-Poverty Movement’ in Japan:
The Experience of Anti-Poverty Network and Metropolitan Youth Union

– Makoto Kawazoe (Secretary-General, Metropolitan Youth Union)
The Undertakings of the ‘Lawmen’s Revolt’
– Hajime Matsumoto (Shiroto no Ran)
Discussant: Prof. Christophe Aguiton
Discussant: Prof. Chico Whitaker
Chair: Prof. Koichi Nakano(IGC Director)

Joint Prayer

Rev. Yoko Kitahara (ICU)
Fr. Juan Haidr (Sophia University)

Working Together: Towards a Society that Protects Human Dignity

Chair: Prof. Koichi Nakano(IGC Director)

Closing Remarks

Prof. Wilhelm M. Vosse (SSRI Director)