AY2008 Toward Theories and Policies of “Peace, Security, and Conviviality”

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Toward Theories and Policies of
“Peace, Security, and Conviviality”

IAY2008 Poster
10:00 – 18:00, Saturday, December 13, 2008
Administration Building 206, International Christian University
Social Science Research Institute (SSRI – ICU)
Institute for the Study of Social Justice (ISSJ – Sophia University)
Program is available here.
Revised papers of this symposium is published. More Information is available here.

Opening Address

Prof. Norihiko Suzuki (ICU President)
Prof. Wilhelm Vosse (Director, SSRI)

Keynote Speech I

Interrelations of Peace, Security, and Kyosei

– Prof. Yoichiro Murakami (COE Guest Professor, ICU)
Chair: Prof. Nobuyuki Miyazaki (ICU)

Peace Theories and Peace Movements Today

Peacebuilding: Theories and Practices
– Prof. Kazuo Takahashi (UNU, Former Professor of ICU)
Transnational Cultures and Movement toward Peace
– Prof. T. V. Reed (Washington State University)
Discussant: Prof. Geneviève Souillac (ICU)
Chair: Prof. Shin Chiba (ICU)

Keynote Speech II

Kyosei and Creative Destruction

– Prof. Gregory Hooks (Washington State University)
Chair: Prof. Takashi Kibe (ICU)

On Security in the Present World

Human Security and the Piquetero Movement: A Case Study in Argentine
– Prof. Juan Haidar (Sophia University)
Japan’s Response to a Changing Security Environment: Between Domestic Debate and International Demands
– Prof. Wilhelm Vosse (Director of SSRI, ICU)
Discussant: Prof. Temario Rivera (ICU)
Chair: Prof. Katsuhiko Mori (ICU)

Kyosei: Theories and Policies in the Context of East Asia

Kyousei and Conviviality: Possibility of Japan’s Advocacy and Policy Dialogues
– Prof. Akihiro Chiba(Advisor, Institute for Educational Research and Service, ICU)
Can International Law Help to Ameliorate Japan’s Territorial and Maritime Disputes with Its Neighbors?
– Prof. Thomas J. Schoenbaum (ICU)
Discussant: Prof. Noriko Kawamura (Washington State University)
         Prof. Sorpong Peou (Sophia University)
Chair: Prof. Takaaki Yasuoka (Executive Secretary of ISSJ)

Joint Prayer

Fr. Juan Haidar (Sophia University)
Rev. Takeshi Nagata (ICU)

Closing Address

Prof. Tsutomu Kanayama (Acting Director of ISSJ)